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Actor and comedian Baba Tee weighs in on DNA test controversy

DNA: 'I can accept a child that's not mine' - Comedian Baba Tee

Renowned Nigerian actor and comedian, Babatunde Bernard Tayo, popularly known as Baba Tee, has shared his thoughts on the ongoing debate surrounding DNA tests and paternity fraud that has been causing a stir on social media.

The issue of DNA testing has become a hot topic of discussion in Nigeria, with many people divided on whether it is necessary or not, particularly in light of recent cases of paternity fraud.

In a recent interview with TVC, Baba Tee delved into the root causes of the high rate of paternity fraud in the country, attributing it to a variety of factors, including upbringing and lack of sexual satisfaction.

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According to him, women are often to blame for cases of paternity fraud, and he emphasized that the responsibility cannot be shifted to men, regardless of their actions or behavior that may have influenced a woman’s decision to engage in such deceit.

Baba Tee expressed his belief that women should not use domestic violence or infidelity as an excuse for engaging in paternity fraud. He urged women to leave a marriage if they are not being treated well, rather than resorting to such dishonesty.

He stated, “When it comes to paternity fraud, the woman is always at fault. You can’t shift the blame to the man because men don’t conceive. As a woman, if you know you can’t tolerate your husband’s maltreatment or infidelity, leave the marriage.”

Despite his strong stance on the issue, Baba Tee surprised many when he revealed that he would be willing to accept a child that is not biologically his if his partner showed remorse for cheating.

He said, “Personally, there is nothing I can’t keep for a woman who is good to me. If a woman cheats on me and a child comes out of it and I find out, I will forgive her if she is remorseful. I will take the child as my own.”

Baba Tee’s comments have sparked further debate on the topic, with many people expressing both support and disagreement with his views. The issue of paternity fraud and DNA testing continues to be a contentious and sensitive subject in Nigeria, and it is clear that there are strong opinions on both sides of the argument.

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In light of the ongoing discussion, it is essential for individuals to consider the complexities and implications of paternity fraud, as well as the potential emotional and psychological impact it can have on all parties involved.

As the debate on DNA testing and paternity fraud continues to unfold, it is important for society to engage in open and honest conversations about these issues, with the aim of promoting understanding, empathy, and ultimately finding solutions that can address the root causes of such challenges.



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