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Former Ohio State Wrestler Criticizes GOP Lawmaker Jim Jordan’s ‘Fighter’ Persona

In a scathing critique, former Ohio State University wrestler Will Knight dismantled the portrayal of GOP lawmaker Jim Jordan as a “fighter.” Knight, who was among the athletes who alleged sexual abuse by school doctor Richard Strauss, expressed his disappointment with Jordan’s failure to address the allegations during his tenure as an assistant coach at Ohio State.

The controversy unfolded when fellow Republican Representative Elise Stefanik used the term “fighter” in her speech nominating Jordan for the speaker’s position. The mention of his time on the wrestling mat drew audible gasps in the House, likely due to the allegations surrounding Strauss.

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During an interview with CNN’s Abby Phillip, Knight responded to Stefanik’s praise for Jordan, stating, “The funny thing is that when people always call Jim Jordan a fighter, and I always wonder who he’s fighting for. Because he had a real opportunity to fight for us and the people that he coached and the people that he recruited at Ohio State. And all he’s done is turn his back on us, so I don’t know what the fighter thing is. I know he used to be a fighter, I know he used to be a good wrestler, but he’s not a good fighter for anyone else that I know of.”

Knight’s comments highlight the disappointment and frustration felt by many who expected Jordan to advocate for justice and support the victims during the investigation into the sexual abuse allegations. Instead, Knight suggests that Jordan has failed to fulfill his responsibilities and has chosen to ignore the issue.

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Despite the controversy surrounding Jordan, his bid to replace Representative Kevin McCarthy as speaker fell short on the first ballot. Republican indecision has led to a second vote scheduled for Wednesday.

Knight did acknowledge Jordan’s belief in him and the opportunity he provided as a walk-on wrestler in 1992. However, Knight emphasized that the current version of Jordan seeking the speakership is not the same person. He noted that there are individuals who believe in the rhetoric Jordan espouses, but he finds it disappointing because Jordan still has the opportunity to rectify the situation.

“He had an opportunity to help us out, to help us remedy this thing with Ohio State. And he chose not to do it with hundreds of athletes that he was associated with, that as a coach, you’re just supposed to help protect and mentor into manhood,” Knight expressed, according to Mediaite.

The allegations of sexual abuse by Richard Strauss have cast a shadow over the Ohio State wrestling program, and Jordan’s association with the team during that time has raised questions about his handling of the situation. Knight’s criticism sheds light on the unresolved issues and the need for accountability.

As the second vote for the speaker’s position approaches, the spotlight remains on Jordan and the Republican Party’s decision. The outcome of the vote will not only determine the party’s leadership but also serve as a reflection of their stance on addressing allegations of sexual abuse and supporting the victims.

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It is crucial for public figures like Jordan to be held accountable for their actions and to prioritize the well-being and safety of those they are responsible for. The scrutiny surrounding Jordan’s candidacy for the speakership serves as a reminder of the importance of integrity and the need for lawmakers to address serious allegations appropriately.

As the nation awaits the outcome of the second vote, the voices of survivors and their advocates continue to emphasize the significance of justice and accountability. The Ohio State wrestling scandal serves as a stark reminder of the lasting impact of sexual abuse and the responsibility of those in positions of power to take action.

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