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Floyd Mayweather to Jimmy Kimmel: ‘I don’t like [McGregor] at all’

With less than two weeks before his big fight against Conor McGregor, one would think Floyd Mayweather might be feeling a bit antsy or excited to enter the ring. But when asked by Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night, the boxer said, “I feel like money.”

Mayweather was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” and among other things, he made it clear that he genuinely doesn’t like McGregor.

During the interview, Mayweather revealed that he has a lot of cash on hand at any given time, too. Apparently, if you order millions of dollars, a truck directly delivers it to your house.

At the end of the interview, Kimmel asked for some prop bet advice for the fight. The late night host seemed a bit skeptical of putting money on Mayweather because he’s such a heavy favorite, but the middleweight boxer promised to pay back the money if Kimmel lost. Also, don’t get your hopes up that Justin Bieber will be making an appearance during the fight, either.

For all your Mayweather-McGregor fight coverage, be sure to visit our landing page for the Aug. 26 event.

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