”Everyday we anxiously waited for news of your improvements and everyday you surprised us” Zahra Buhari-Indimi overjoyed by her brother, Yusuf’s return from Germany

Zahra took to her IG page to express her joy over the return of her brother, Yusuf from Germany where he had gone to receive further medical attention following his motorbike accident in December last year.


On her IG page, Zahra shared this photo of Yusuf and his father, President Buhari offering thanksgiving prayers and wrote;

”Alhamdulillah you’re home Yusuf..everyday we anxiously waited for news of your improvements. And EVERYDAY you surprised us. You’re totally irreplaceable in our lives and we’ve absolutely missed you. We thank God for his infinite mercies wisdoms and miracles that unfolded on you. You are truly your fathers son. Ajiyar Allah na biyu. You are absolutely Gods will. Alhamdulillah ya Rabbal alamin ?? We love you to bits.
Thank you to all the People around the world that prayed for Yusuf, we as his family truly appreciate it and honestly, we have seen our prayers answered on a daily basis. Never underestimate the power of PRAYERS. ??”.


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