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Burna Boy Sparks Controversy with Comments About Davido

Reactions as Burna Boy calls Davido 'joke'

Nigerian music sensation and Grammy winner, Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, has found himself in the midst of controversy after making a subtle jab at fellow artist Davido.

The drama unfolded when a fan of Davido’s took to social media to mock Burna Boy for his recent loss at the Grammys, calling him an “ode” for failing to secure an award. In response, Burna Boy fired back, insinuating that the real joke was the display picture of the fan, which featured Davido.

The exchange didn’t end there, as the fan later changed his display picture from Davido to Burna Boy, prompting the singer to delete his initial comment. When questioned about this move, Burna Boy explained that he removed the comment because the troll had changed his display picture.

Despite the deletion, the incident has sparked a wave of backlash on social media, with many criticizing Burna Boy for his comments. Some have labeled him as immature, while others have accused him of consistently targeting Davido with insults.

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One user, @NuTyrant, expressed their disappointment, stating, “Burna Boy throwing shades at Davido unprovoked shows that he’s immature, one of the reasons he’ll always be categorized as a New Cat.”

Similarly, @jah_boi highlighted Burna Boy’s history of targeting Davido, suggesting that his actions have alienated potential fans. They wrote, “Burna Boy has been consistently directly insulting Davido since 2020 yet his fans still prefer him to Wiz… shows they’re not really Davido Stan just Wizkid haters.”

The controversy has also led to discussions about the double standards applied to different artists within the industry. @Owiggy pointed out the hypocrisy of certain fans, stating, “Most Burna fans are hypocrites walai! Just imagine say na O B O tweet that thing, the whole Twitter for don chop am raw.”

This latest incident is just one of many in the ongoing rivalry between Burna Boy and Davido, with tensions between the two artists often playing out in public forums. While such conflicts can generate buzz and attention, they also have the potential to alienate fans and overshadow the music itself.

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As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen whether Burna Boy will address the backlash or attempt to mend the rift with Davido and his fans.



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