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Israel DMW’s Fiery Response to Wizkid: ‘Retire from Music if You’ve Had Enough’

'Retire from music if you’re fed up' - Israel DMW tells Wizkid

In a recent turn of events, the ongoing feud between Davido and Wizkid has escalated with the intervention of Davido’s Logistics Manager, Israel Afeare, popularly known as Israel DMW. The clash between the two music icons unfolded on social media, sparking controversy and heated exchanges that have left fans buzzing.

Israel DMW, known for his candid remarks, took to his Instagram story to express his disappointment with Wizkid’s recent behavior. He made it clear that in his view, Davido had done nothing to warrant the animosity directed towards him by the Starboy.

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In a scathing message, Israel DMW called on Wizkid to consider stepping back from the music scene if he no longer finds joy in it. He didn’t hold back in criticizing Wizkid for his apparent disdain towards respected music executive, Don Jazzy.

Expressing his frustration, Israel DMW wrote, “I used to admire you, thinking you were a decent human being. I never realized you could be so foolish. Why harbor such jealousy and animosity? Has Davido hindered you from releasing your own string of hit songs? He has never spoken ill of you. Yet, you continue to harbor baseless hatred towards him. If you’re tired, gracefully retire from music. Step down with dignity. Who do you think you are? Just a mere speck in the grand scheme. If you’re not careful, you’ll learn a hard lesson.”

Israel DMW didn’t mince words, labeling Wizkid as an “idiot” and questioning his stature compared to the revered Don Jazzy. The intensity of his words reflects the deep-seated emotions and tensions that have surfaced in the music industry.

As fans and onlookers try to make sense of the unfolding drama, it’s clear that the rift between these two musical powerhouses is far from over. The clash of egos and words has captured the attention of many, raising questions about the dynamics within the Nigerian music scene and the personal motivations that drive such public confrontations.

In the midst of this controversy, one thing remains certain: the passion and fervor that define the music industry can sometimes lead to unexpected clashes and revelations. As the saga continues to unfold, fans are left wondering what the next chapter will bring in this ongoing saga of musical rivalries and personal vendettas.

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With tensions running high and emotions flaring, it’s evident that the drama between Davido, Wizkid, and now Israel DMW is far from over. As the music industry navigates these turbulent waters, one can only speculate on the potential outcomes and repercussions of these heated exchanges.

As the saga unfolds, one thing is clear: the Nigerian music scene is a hotbed of talent, ambition, and fierce competition. The clash of titans like Davido and Wizkid, with figures like Israel DMW adding fuel to the fire, only serves to highlight the complexities and rivalries that shape the industry.

In the days to come, all eyes will be on the unfolding drama, as fans and critics alike wait to see how this latest chapter in the ongoing saga of musical feuds will play out. One thing is for certain: the Nigerian music scene is never short on drama, intrigue, and unexpected twists.



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