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Ghanaian Rapper Black Sherif Delighted at Nigeria’s AFCON Loss

AFCON 2023: Why I'm happy Nigeria lost - Ghanaian rapper, Black Sheriff

In a surprising turn of events, Ghanaian singer and rapper, Mohammed Ismail Sherif, known as Black Sherif, has openly expressed his joy over Nigeria’s loss to Ivory Coast in the final match of the recent African Cup of Nations, AFCON. This unexpected revelation has sparked a wave of reactions across the continent.

Black Sherif’s happiness stems from the support he received from some of his Nigerian colleagues, who took the opportunity to mock him when the Black Stars of Ghana were eliminated from the competition during the group stage. In response to this, Black Sherif has vowed to continue taunting Nigeria following their defeat in the AFCON final.

Taking to his social media handle, Black Sherif shared, “Blaqbonez called me on Facetime to laugh at me when my country’s Black Stars was sent home, the guy couldn’t stop smiling. Odumodu was on Facetime the next 3 days telling the Jeweller to make me the cheapest piece he’s ever made, And na me call am for the Jeweller o! You want me to shut up? I’m going to bed. We go again this afternoon. Super Eagles! you do this one.”

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This unexpected reaction from Black Sherif has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, with fans and followers eagerly anticipating further developments and potential responses from the Nigerian music community.

The AFCON 2023 tournament has not only been a platform for showcasing football talent but has also provided a stage for the expression of national pride and friendly banter among musicians and fans alike. Black Sherif’s candid expression of joy has added a new layer of excitement and rivalry to the aftermath of the tournament, creating a buzz that is sure to resonate across the continent.

In light of these recent events, it is clear that the impact of the AFCON 2023 tournament extends far beyond the football pitch, transcending into the realm of cultural exchange and friendly competition among nations. Black Sherif’s outspoken delight at Nigeria’s loss has sparked a lively conversation on social media, igniting a fresh wave of interest in the tournament’s outcomes and the interactions between artists from different African nations.

As the dust settles on the AFCON 2023 tournament, one can’t help but acknowledge the unexpected twists and turns that have emerged off the field. Black Sherif’s bold statements have added an element of unpredictability to the post-tournament narrative, injecting a new level of excitement and anticipation into the ongoing dialogue surrounding the tournament’s aftermath.

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In the coming days, it remains to be seen how the Nigerian music community and fans will respond to Black Sherif’s public declaration of joy over their national team’s defeat. This unexpected turn of events has undoubtedly added a layer of intrigue to the post-AFCON discourse, keeping fans and followers on the edge of their seats as they await the next chapter in this unfolding story.

Black Sherif’s unapologetic stance and open delight at Nigeria’s loss have not only sparked a lively debate but have also reinvigorated the spirit of friendly rivalry and banter that is often seen in the aftermath of major sporting events. As the conversation continues to evolve, it is clear that Black Sherif’s bold statements have rekindled interest in the tournament’s outcomes and the interactions between artists from different African nations, further enriching the cultural tapestry of the continent.

In the wake of these developments, it is evident that Black Sherif’s outspoken expression of joy has added a new dimension to the post-AFCON narrative, capturing the attention of fans and followers across the continent and beyond. With the stage set for potential responses from the Nigerian music community, the aftermath of the AFCON 2023 tournament promises to be a compelling and dynamic chapter in the ongoing story of African cultural exchange and friendly competition.



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