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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Uriel Accuses Princess of Faking Her American Accent

n a surprising twist on the popular reality show Big Brother Naija All Stars, housemate Uriel Oputa has made a shocking accusation against her fellow contestant, Princess. According to Uriel, Princess has been faking her American accent throughout their time in the house.

During her diary session with Biggie on Wednesday, Uriel expressed her frustration with Princess’s accent, claiming that it is difficult for her to understand. She went on to reveal that she knows Princess outside of the house and that the accent she is putting on is not her true accent.

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“I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t know where the accent is coming from because I know this girl outside of the house, and that accent she’s speaking is not her true accent. That accent is not even real,” Uriel stated.

Since the start of the show, Princess has been speaking with an American accent, which has left Uriel perplexed. She questioned the origin of this sudden accent change and expressed her difficulty in understanding Princess when she speaks.

“Since we came into the house, this girl is putting up an American accent. Where did this American accent come from? Because I don’t even understand anymore. Sometimes when she’s talking, I don’t understand what she’s saying,” Uriel revealed.

This revelation has sparked a wave of discussions among viewers and fans of the show, with many expressing their surprise at Princess’s alleged fake accent. Some have questioned the authenticity of her personality and wondered if she is trying to portray a different image to gain popularity.

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Uriel’s accusation adds a new layer of intrigue to the show, as viewers eagerly await Princess’s response to these claims. Will she deny the allegations and defend her accent, or will she admit to putting on an act?

As the news of Uriel’s accusation spreads, social media platforms have been buzzing with opinions and speculations. Fans of the show have taken to Twitter and Instagram to share their thoughts, with hashtags such as #AccentGate and #FakeItTillYouMakeIt trending.

In conclusion, Uriel Oputa’s accusation against Princess for faking her American accent has added an unexpected twist to the Big Brother Naija All Stars show. As the drama unfolds, fans eagerly await Princess’s response, while social media platforms buzz with discussions and opinions.

Watch the video below…

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