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Best Website Optimization tips for you

Website Optimization, Have you been trying to increase your business site traffic, but you don’t know where and how to begin?

Want to rank well in search results today? Then you need to optimize your website.

To start, it’s essential to optimize your site for conversions and search engines. This helps your business get higher rankings in search engines and improves your overall site quality.

When it comes to website optimization, there is a lot you can be doing if you want to increase sales, get more traffic, and have higher conversions.

Remember that as online entrepreneurs and website owners, you risk being left behind because the internet is a fast-paced industry to work within. That being said, these excellent website optimization tips and resources should have you up-to-date and ahead of the game, and they are as follows.

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  1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to spend your time increasing traffic to your site. However, with literally millions of other people and blogs to compete with, you have to work hard to stay ahead of the game.

So many people manage to cover most areas of importance when starting a blog, except for SEO. This can be disastrous for the future of your blog, and because of this, you need to learn as much as you possibly about the subject.

Search engine optimization isn’t just about writing great content; but it’s also a lot about how user-friendly your website is. So it makes sense. The better your website is, the more Google wants to link to you.

2.    Make your Website Useful for Your Target Audience

The primary goal of search engines is to provide their users with the most relevant results. Therefore, from your homepage to category pages and blog posts, you have to ensure that everything on your website is helpful for your target audience.

When a search engine crawls your website for indexing, your ranking will depend on how well Google can crawl your website for the most user-friendly and relevant content.

Many SEO specialists feel that they’re having a massive drop in traffic after Google updates its algorithm. But the fact is that your goal and search engine’s goal is the same – to serve up the best content and deliver the entire user experience.

If you’re planning to work on website optimization and conversions, you must create foolproof website optimization strategies to give your audience what exactly they want.

  1. Increase Your Website Speed

Increasing website speed will increase conversions and search engine ranking. That’s why it’s one of my favorite website optimization techniques. However, it amazes me that there are so few people out there that help their websites and blogs to run faster; the majority of people tend to create pages and posts and continue doing so without any second thought to how their site is performing in speed.

There are thousands of websites working in the same niche as yours. If your website fails to load within the first 3-seconds, your potential customers will immediately switch to other websites without even giving their decision a second thought.

I’m sure a great deal of you reading this will have, at times, been patiently waiting for a website to load only to click the ‘Back button’ and search for something different instead? If you have, and you have clicked that button, what makes you think that your readers will not do the same if your site is running at a snail’s pace?

First things first, make sure your website’s theme supports fast load time. You may also want to get rid of those website elements that slow down your website. Finally, deactivate plugging and uninstall apps you’re not using anymore.

Also, keep only those widgets you use consistently. Optimize and compress videos and images as they can also reduce your page load time.

4. Conduct Keyword Research

Website optimization and keyword research go hand in hand. The old website optimization strategies were targeted towards rankings, but this isn’t the case anymore. Instead, present-day SEO is all about focusing more on how people engage with a particular brand and its offers. In other words, businesses are more concerned about optimizing ROI instead of ranking only.

Website Optimization

Conduct thorough keyword research using tools available online to find out industry-specific keywords. Use those primary keywords to determine long-tail keywords and phrases that fit well with your prospect’s commercial intent.

  1. Keep Your Website Up To Date

Keeping your website updated will improve your search engine rankings, reduce your bounce rate, and increase conversions. No one wants to read outdated blog posts.

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No one wants to buy a product they don’t think is still relevant. Everyone coming to your website wants to know that your site is the best, and it’s worth them spending time on it.

6. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

With more and more people using their cellphones, the need for mobile optimization is more than ever.

Google has also introduced a mobile-first index that helps those online businesses rank better on search engines with mobile-friendly websites.

Especially when it comes to Millennials, they prefer searching and shopping for everything online using their cellphones. And you certainly don’t want to leave those potential conversions because of an unresponsive web design.

7.  Use Readable URLs only

This is one of the most crucial yet often neglected SEO factors to increase your business visibility and boost conversions.

A website URL that is tough for your website visitors to read can also confuse search engines. Therefore, your page URL should be memorable and optimized.

As a general rule, you should not use capital letters in your URLs. Always use hyphens (not underscore as Google doesn’t read underscores) in your URL.

8. Enable Comments

The biggest mistake website owners make is they turn off commenting on their blog posts. Having active commentators on your website shows that people care about what you’re posting on your site.

Ensure you carefully exclude spam comments and add no-follow value to your remarks segments so that search engines ignore spam links that may crop up.

  1. Improve Your Website Content

Fresh ideas are sometimes hard to come by; it’s not that you have lost passion or that you care less; it’s that you feel you have run out of things to say or how to make them jump out the page to your readers.

This can be remedied with a couple of articles (below) and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. First, remember that blogging is not just about adding page after page of content. It is about inspiring people, aiding them in their daily tasks, showing them the pitfalls so they can go around them. It’s also about creating content that appeals to the masses, whether that means adding fewer or more images, a video, or maybe an mp3 audio file on your posts.

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10. Tracking and Analyzing Your Traffic

Again this is something that many bloggers fail to do or fail to understand the importance of doing it. Tracking and analyzing can help you with your blog or website in many ways, all of which can bring in a great deal of income.

Do you understand how the average user of your site reads your content? Do you know how many times that the ‘Click Here’ link has been clicked? If not, how can you have a definite idea of where you are going right, and more importantly, where you are going wrong. If you can track and analyze your blog or website, you can find what you are doing wrong, change it, and keep doing so until the problem no longer arises. So you see, with website optimization, tracking, and analysis, comes real opportunity to make your blog better, which is what we all want, isn’t it?

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