Another tragic detail about Chadwick Boseman was just brought to light


In a surprising turn of events, Chadwick Boseman apparently died without leaving behind any legal will. According to The Blast, Boseman’s estate is valued at $939,000, most of which is listed as “personal property.” His widow, Taylor Leward, has filed a probate case in Los Angeles County seeking to become the executor of his estate. The two were dating before his diagnosis and married in a private ceremony in 2019. 

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Chadwick Boseman battled cancer

This development does open some new and strange questions. First, it seems odd that Boseman would not leave behind any legally binding will, having battled cancer for four years and being aware, at least by the end, that his prognosis was terminal. The dollar value of his estate, sitting just below a million dollars, also begs some questions. As the star of three of the highest-grossing films of all time, including one as the unequivocal lead role, one would expect his estate to be valued higher. It is possible, however, that this figure only represents physical property and not money in the bank.

In any case, our thoughts remain with Leward, who is undoubtedly still working through an incredibly difficult grieving period, now with this added wrinkle.

Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman


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