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Actor Dejo Tunfulu buried in Lagos (photos)

actor dejo tunfulu buried in lagos photos

MAY ALLAH S.W.T FORGIVE him and COMPENSATE those he left behind ALLAHUMA AMIN. One of my favourites actors, I liked him. Life is an illusion, there is nothing external in this life. One day everything will definitely come to an end. Please, let’s be our brothers keeper

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and be good to both human and animals. Enough of the killings, rituals, kidnapping, embezzling, corruption, backbiting,….and fighting. One day we will all stand before our CREATOR and give account of all we used to do in this world. Those that are chosen to govern us, please remember when you will asked about how you governed BY THE ONE WHO HAS THE LAST SAY. Fear the day you shall be buried in the ground, the day when you will be left alone in the grave. Our politicians, fear the day that will be against you. Money is nothing but good deed is better for you.
Every soul shall taste death, O ALLAH S.W.T LET us die as Muslims ( believers) AND TAKE us when YOU ARE PLEASED with us, ALLAHUMA AMIN.

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