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8 reasons why men do not marry beautiful women

Many men fall in love with beautiful women but never marry them. It is the dream of every man to marry a goddess of beauty. They notice a woman’s attractiveness first. When it comes to a woman’s inner beauty, they tend to overlook it in their pursuit of superficial perfection.


When it comes to the allure of beautiful women, many men compare marrying one to suicide. As much as we realize that these are big words, it’s the beauty of the soul that can transform a house into a haven. Men should avoid marrying attractive women for a variety of reasons.

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  1. Affording Attractive Women is a Challenge

Each attractive lady has their own set of standards for what is acceptable. Each and everyone will be coveted by them because they are well-versed in the latest and most sophisticated trends in fashion. They spend a lot of money on shoes, clothes, and cosmetics, all of which cost a lot of money! Beautiful women are expensive to maintain, and most men can’t afford it.

  1. According to men, they’re only fit to be a mistress.

Sleeping with attractive women allowed them to develop new talents in bed, according to their reasoning. As far as marriage material goes, the majority of beautiful women are deemed unsuitable by the majority of men. Due to these women’s instilling of unease in them, men become guard dogs. It’s likely that they’ll succumb to the temptation and stray given how often they’re approached by flirty males.


  1. There are some women who fear that if they have more than one child, they will lose their figure.

Less attractive women’s hidden potential attracts men when they’re on the prowl for a life partner. Women who are less attractive are viewed as being less attractive and receive less attention because of it. A stark contrast to those who are more physically appealing and require constant attention. As a result, they have cultivated traits that men value, such as excellent listeners and great cooks, to compensate for their average looks.

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  1. Insecure men are afraid of beautiful women.

In order to avoid being rejected by a beautiful woman, men will be reluctant to pursue her. Whoever approaches them is usually dishonest, intending to take advantage of them, then dump and look for other women with similar traits.

  1. Attractive women want to be noticed.

He wants someone who will take care of him and his family, not just dress up and go out and make the other men salivate for her. In general, men prefer ladies who are not overly complicated and don’t draw too much attention to themselves.

  1. Beautiful women wield a lot of influence.


In order to control men, they use their attractiveness to make them feel bad about themselves. During an argument, it’s fine for her to yell, but if you yell at her, she will say things that will make you miserable, and you will eventually have to apologize, even though she was the one who started the fight. So, don’t yell at her.

  1. It’s possible that Men are bothered by their past relationships.

It’s no wonder that beautiful women have so many relationships before they get married. You might be envious if you knew how many people she had dated. Also, it can irritate you when she tells you about the qualities that her ex-boyfriends had that you should have. Avoid all of this by choosing a woman of average stature. It’s time to face the facts, my dear friends. Decide based on facts!

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  1. There is the likelihood of the husband cheating as most beautiful women are weak in bed.

Far-fetched as it sounds it’s a concern for many men. To be beautiful is one thing to be able to perform in bed is another. Sometimes wonder why a man cheats with a woman that is not as half as beautiful as their wife? The above is the reason but most times it is untold.

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