22 Reasons to Shop at Missguided Right Now


When it comes to revving up your summer wardrobe, the process is usually two things: exciting and expensive.

While getting new clothes is always a good idea, it doesn’t actually have to drain your bank account. You just have to know where to shop. Enter your new favorite online destination: Missguided. For one, the price point is reasonable (think: 20 bucks for a bodycon velvet dress you could easily wear to Vegas). The options also feel fresher than something you’d find at the mall (see: a fishnet mini skirt that’s just racy enough).

But those are just two examples of what you’ll find if you perusing the UK brand’s site.

Trust: It’s loaded with summer looks that you didn’t know you needed. Don’t believe us?

Keep scrolling for 22 pieces you should probably scoop up now.

Feel like you’re not quite done? 

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