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10 easy ways to increase your monthly savings

When you set out to improve your financial health by saving more money, there is no shortage of advice on how to do it. Unfortunately, sometimes, the suggested methods represent too much of a change for some people to handle all at once. And good financial advice won’t be constructive if it is not followed.

Saving is not an “all or nothing” endeavor. It would be great to completely transform one’s financial picture and begin saving hundreds or thousands of naira each month. But if that is not a realistic option, there are still plenty of easy ways to boost your savings rate each month.

Here are 10 banking tips that will allow you to save more money each month.

LED light bulbs:

The next time one of your light bulbs burns out, consider replacing it with an LED bulb. Don’t worry; LEDs are a completely different technology than compact fluorescent bulbs and are much closer to traditional bulbs in appearance and performance. They are more expensive to buy but save you many times more than that additional cost through significantly lower electric usage.

Date night (or family night) at home: Spending time with your family or a loved one often happens at restaurants, the movies, or someplace else that you are tempted to overspend. Try to plan special nights at home instead.

 Get a better credit card:

Assuming you use a credit card, consider switching to one with a lower interest rate, pay you cashback, or even do both. Try to avoid paying an annual fee for these benefits.

Change your own oil:

Getting your oil changed by a professional often takes more time than you would like, once you include the time to drive to the shop and wait for your car to be serviced. By learning how to change your oil yourself at home, you can save money and time.

 Check your tire pressure:

Even if your tire pressure is just a few pounds per square inch under the recommended levels, you may be spending five percent more for fuel every time you fill up.

Drop the gym membership:

Obviously, you don’t want to compromise on your health to save money, but take a fresh look at how much value you are getting out of your gym membership. Do you go often enough to justify the monthly expense? Could you use your local recreation center or low-cost home gym equipment to work out the same way?

Maximize your grocery savings: Pay closer attention to your current grocery store’s weekly sales and any other benefits that are available through a loyalty program (including things like e-coupons).

Cut back on what you are not using: We can all get into the routine of spending money on things we don’t even use. Take a look at your next cell phone or cable television statement and ask yourself whether you use all of the things you are paying for. You may be able to switch to a less expensive service plan and not even notice the difference.

Do what you love, how it will generate income for you

 Fix the leaks:

It is easy to put off fixing a leaky faucet or toilet tank. But over time, all that running water costs money.

 Track your money:

One of the biggest reasons people find it too difficult to save money is that they don’t understand how they are currently spending. Track your spending for a month or two so you have that knowledge.

Once you get in the habit of making small changes to improve your finances, you can build on them and improve your situation each month.

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