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Who’s In the Running for The Bachelor? Chris Harrison Says…

With each passing day, we get closer and closer to the announcement we’re all waiting for: Who will be the next Bachelor? 

Sure, there are more important issues in the world right now, but this debate is a great way to distract from those issues, and no matter how it ends, there will be a hot man finding love on our TVs, which is good news for everybody. 

Among the viewers, the debate has mainly centered on one Peter Kraus. Will he, or won’t he? Could he get over his silly ideas of not wanting to propose to someone after three weeks in order to give us a fairytale ending? Or has Wells Adams bartended his way into the spotlight after this tumultuous season of Bachelor in Paradise

We asked the stars of that very spin-off series for their thoughts after the Bachelor in Paradise reunion taping, and they may—or may not—surprise you. 

Of course, Chris Harrison is the one who would have the most answers, but he had to be diplomatic. 

“Nights like tonight are the reason we don’t make decisions early. You want to see how Dean does, you want to see how Wells does,” he says, though unfortunately creator Mike Fleiss has taken both men out of the running. “Peter is very much in the discussion.” 

Harrison also confirms that Eric Bigger isn’t out of the running, which is good news for fans of Rachel Lindsay‘s second runner-up, like Diggy Moreland. 

“He came so far. During the Bachelorette he was like, I never brought a girl home, I never told a girl I love her,” Diggy says. “At the end of that season, he did both…he’s at that stage in his life, he’s looking for somebody to complete him. I think he’d do The Bachelor a great service.” 

As for Peter—the current front-runner—Christen Whitney speaks for many of us.

“If it were Peter, I’d be like, can I come?” 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m., and the reunion special airs next week on ABC. 

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