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What the cast of Breaking Amish looks like today


Mary Schmucker seems destined to wind up “English”. The show documented her struggles with guilt over wanting to leave the Amish, yet Mary snuck off the reserve with Abe and his friends any chance she could. On Return to Amish, fans watched Mary toy around with makeovers, drink booze, and gamble. However, her husband Chester adamantly stuck to his Amish roots, and didn’t want Mary getting shunned. Mary’s biggest fear was that she would be banned from her daughter Katie Ann’s wedding. She can now put that fear behind her.

On May 2, 2019, daughter-in-law Rebecca Schmucker confirmed on Instagram that Katie Ann got married. Mary was not only there, but hosted Katie Ann’s big day. “Yes she is the host as all Amish moms are. She is exhausted but happy to be able to do it,” Rebecca responded to a fan’s comment, asking if Mary was present.

Rebecca added that ex-Amish are not allowed to attend weddings in their community, confirming that Mary must still be welcome in the church. “It’s definitely a pa (Pennsylvania) thing maybe elsewhere, but you are right, my family in Ohio still invites ex-Amish to weddings and stuff,” Rebecca responded to another commenter’s inquiry.

The real question is — how long can Mary withstand the temptations of the “English” now that she watched her baby girl get married? Stay tuned, folks.

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