What life is like for the Obamas today

What life is like for the Obamas today

What better way to celebrate graduating from the White House than with an epic gap year? In 2017, that’s just what the Obamas did. Who else gets to hang out with Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen on a yacht in the tropics?

According to People, the former first couple and a collection of iconic celebs stayed on a “450-foot yacht” in Tahiti in April 2017. They reportedly ate lunch on Vanilla Island, stopped over at Taha’a Island, shipped out to Bora Bora, and probably had at least one of Oprah’s famous margaritas. It should be noted that Oprah wouldn’t divulge the nitty gritty details about their epic time. “What happens on the boat, stays on the boat,” she said (via People).

The following month, the Obamas jet set to Tuscany, where — according to the Daily Mail — Michelle Obama showed off her bare shoulders. Barack Obama reportedly let loose by undoing the top button of his polo.

After that, the Obamas moved course to a full-fledged family outing in Indonesia — Barack’s old stomping grounds (with a brief popover to Guam on their way). According to E! Newsthe family stayed at a Four Seasons that cost $2,300 per night and enjoyed a day of white water rafting. There’s currently no word on how much it costs for the Secret Service to rent a raft vs. a Mar-a-Lago golf cart.


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