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Veteran Actress Kate Henshaw Calls for Scrapping of NYSC Scheme Amid Escalating Insecurity

In a recent social media post, renowned Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has passionately called on the Federal Government to consider scrapping the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme due to the increasing insecurity plaguing the nation.

Henshaw’s plea comes in the wake of a distressing incident in Zamfara State, where eight NYSC members were kidnapped along a highway. Expressing her concern, the veteran actress highlighted that the safety of Corps members can no longer be guaranteed, which raises serious questions about the viability of the program.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Henshaw urged the government to abandon what she referred to as “moribund ideas” and cease putting the lives of young people at risk. Drawing from her personal experience as a former Corps member, she vividly recalled her time serving in the North and the security challenges she faced.

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“I have fond memories of my time serving in the North. Traveling from Bauchi by road to the airport was safe, and then flying to Lagos with just my NYSC ID card, which also granted me a rebate on my ticket,” Henshaw shared.

However, the actress emphasized that times have changed, and the current state of insecurity in the country poses a significant threat to the safety and well-being of Corps members. She firmly believes that the time has come to reevaluate the relevance of the NYSC scheme, particularly considering the difficulties faced by Corps members when traveling within the country.

“It’s time to scrap this idea since corpers can’t travel within this country without let or hindrance! Stop putting the lives of young people at risk with moribund ideas. Security is a priority and needs to be sorted totally, not technically,” Henshaw passionately wrote.

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The actress’s plea resonates with the growing concerns of many Nigerians who fear for the safety of their loved ones participating in the NYSC program. As the nation grapples with escalating insecurity, it becomes imperative for the government to prioritize the security of its citizens, particularly young people who are often the most vulnerable.

Henshaw’s call for the scrapping of the NYSC scheme has sparked a renewed debate on the effectiveness and safety of the program. While the scheme was initially designed to foster national unity and promote cultural exchange, the current security climate raises valid concerns about the feasibility of achieving these goals.

As discussions surrounding the future of the NYSC scheme gain momentum, it is crucial for the government to take into account the evolving security landscape and the potential risks faced by Corps members. This includes implementing comprehensive security measures and protocols to ensure the safety of those serving their nation.

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Kate Henshaw’s impassioned plea to scrap the NYSC scheme in light of the escalating insecurity is a wake-up call to the Federal Government. The safety and well-being of young people should be a top priority, and it is imperative that the government takes decisive action to address the concerns raised. As the nation grapples with the challenges of insecurity, finding effective solutions is crucial to safeguarding the future of the NYSC program and ensuring the protection of Corps members across the country.

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