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Nigerian Filmmaker Austin Faani Reveals Harms of Religion in Africa, Shares Personal Sacrifices for Wife’s Mental Health

In a candid revelation, Austin Faani, a renowned Nigerian filmmaker and husband of popular actress Chacha Eke, has spoken out about the detrimental effects of religion in Africa. Faani made these remarks while discussing the sacrifices he made for his wife during her battle with mental illness.

Faani addressed the audience at the Meticulous People Foundation Outreach, an organization dedicated to mental health, which is owned by his wife Chacha. During his speech, he recounted a distressing incident involving a pastor who deceived him into sacrificing goats in an attempt to heal his wife.

Chacha Eke took to her Instagram page to share a video of Faani’s speech, expressing her gratitude for his unwavering support. She wrote, “The universe knew I would need ‘saving’ and so they sent ‘Austin Faani’ my way.”

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Faani, known for his strong religious beliefs, expressed his opinion that religion has caused more harm than good in Africa. He shared a personal experience from November 2012 when he sought help from a pastor for his wife’s condition. Faani explained that he had informed the pastor about his father-in-law’s previous attempts to cure his wife by sacrificing numerous cows. In response, the pastor advised Faani to make a similar sacrifice.

Driven by desperation, Faani hurried to Abraka market and purchased a large goat for the ritual. However, despite his efforts, his wife’s condition did not improve. Faani’s revelation sheds light on the potential exploitation and manipulation that can occur within religious contexts.

The issue of mental health is often stigmatized in African societies, and Faani’s willingness to share his personal experience has sparked conversations about the need for greater awareness and support. His story serves as a reminder that seeking professional help and understanding is crucial when dealing with mental health challenges.

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The Meticulous People Foundation Outreach, founded by Chacha Eke, aims to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness and provide support to individuals and families affected by it. The foundation’s work aligns with Faani’s message, emphasizing the importance of education and breaking down barriers associated with mental health.

As news of Faani’s revelation spreads, it has generated significant attention on social media platforms and within the entertainment industry. The couple’s willingness to share their experiences has garnered praise from fans and fellow celebrities, who commend their bravery and advocate for increased mental health awareness.


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