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“Unpacking the Feud: What Caused Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton’s Bad Blood?”

Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton, both well-known figures in the entertainment industry, recently found themselves in the midst of a feud. This spat between the two wasn’t entirely unexpected, as the duo had previously shared a complicated relationship during their time together on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2.

Initially, viewers of the show had pegged Braxton and Burruss as potential allies, but things quickly took a turn when Braxton publicly stated during the program’s first episode that she and Burruss were not on friendly terms. Braxton hinted at past issues between the two, stating, “I know Kandi. We went on tour this time last year together. She ain’t never really like me like that, you what I’m sayin’?”

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At the time, Braxton didn’t elaborate on the details of their feud, but Burruss later shared that their issues had arisen during The Great Xscape Tour, which took place while the two were on tour together. According to Burruss, Braxton had invited someone from her performance who had said negative things about Burruss and other members of her group Xscape, whom Burruss was a part of.

Despite their initial disagreements, Braxton and Burruss eventually came to an agreement to work together. However, this alliance was short-lived as they immediately faced a massive hurdle when they had a heated argument about their past and the tour situation. Braxton claimed that the tour had been a difficult time for her due to issues in her marriage and career, and she blamed Burruss for interjecting herself into her personal problems. In response, Burruss defended herself, noting that it was a misunderstanding between the two and that she had no intention of causing any harm.

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Reflecting on the feud, Burruss stated in a confessional, “This is hilarious to me, the fact that she’s trying to make me this villain in her life.”

As the feud between Braxton and Burruss continues, fans of both entertainers are eagerly awaiting a resolution. While both women have previously expressed a desire to work together, it remains to be seen whether they can put aside their differences and move forward.

Many fans are hopeful that this feud will not impact the careers of either Braxton or Burruss, as both women have proven themselves to be talented and successful performers in their own right. It’s clear that they both have a lot of respect for one another, despite their current disagreements and many hope that they can work past their issues and emerge stronger.

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Overall, the Braxton and Burruss feud serves as a reminder that even those in the public eye are not immune to the occasional disagreement or spat. As they work to resolve their conflicts, it is important for fellow entertainers and fans alike to offer their support and encouragement, and to remember that everyone is human and prone to the occasional conflict or disagreement.

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