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Types of Research Design

Research design can be selected by reviewing the methods other research papers used and learning about different types of research designs.

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Exploratory Research Design

The exploratory research design format may be useful when the problem that has to be researched is not clearly stated. Because it is typically less structured than other research design options, you may use this form of research design as a guide for your preliminary study to determine your research problem (GradesFixer, 2019). Explanatory research is a method used to look into events that have not been fully understood or previously

Types of Research Design

investigated. Its major goal is to tell us about possible sources for a modest bit of information. This strategy allows the researcher to obtain thorough knowledge and utilize

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research as a tool to assist them in identifying problems that might be resolved more quickly in the future. Its objective is to identify the what, why, and topic of the study. In a nutshell, it is a form of study design responsible for establishing cause-and-effect relationships in order to ascertain the reasons behind the events. The most popular methods in explanatory research design include case studies, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and literature searches.

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