Twitter reacts to the college admissions scandal

Twitter reacts to the college admissions scandal

This investigation is serious business for those directly involved, but the news brought out the silly side of Twitter in the best possible way. Numerous users couldn’t help but notice that the whole affair was like something from a made-for-TV movie. When NBC’s Tom Winter shared the story on Twitter, he received countless replies, some of them absolutely priceless. “This new Hallmark Channel film is confusing,” one user said, while another proposed a TV show: “We could call it Breaking Grad.”

As far as Canadian actress Jewel Staite is concerned, the scandal is more suited to the TV movie format — and she’s already thrown her hat in the ring for the lead role. “Dibs on playing Felicity Huffman in the Lifetime movie about this mess,” the Firefly star said in a tweet that’s been retweeted thousands of times. She’s clearly joking, but if the retweets keep coming, you never know.


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