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Tips For Foot Care

Are you giving your feet the kind of attention they deserve? By implementing a basic and easy foot care routine, you can avoid a lot of the more common foot problems. It can save you a little pain while you’re at it too.

Have you taken time to pamper your feet recently? The truth is, we often neglect them. Aside from clipping your toenails, it’s unlikely you do much to care for your feet. However, they happen to be one of the more important parts of your entire body. After all, they hold your body up while standing and walking. Because of this, when you suffer from feet issues, it can cause a lot of problems with your balance and more. It’s not only minor discomfort that can cause problems. Having bad feet can negatively impact your mobility, posture, balance, and more. All of these things can lead to even more problems including knee pain, back pain, and other things.

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Common Foot Problems

A lot of people have dealt with various minor issues like blisters, hangnails, and more when it comes to their feet. Your feet go through a lot throughout each day. After all, they are responsible for carrying all of your weight. Likewise, you tend to cram them into tight-fitting and unnatural shoes. It should be no surprise that your feet can end the day hurting. Here are some of the more common foot problems you could find yourself dealing with. They include:

– Verruca

If you’ve ever had to sit out a swimming trip because of this foot condition, you’re likely well aware of how painful and awkward these growths can be. 

– Corns

Corns are very common among women because they generally wear uncomfortable and tight-fitting shoes that put pressure on the outside of their toes. Corns are the hard buildup of skin that can become very uncomfortable. To get rid of them, they need to be shaved off or cushioned.

– Athlete’s Foot

This is a fungal infection that tends to grow in warm, moist, and dark places. That’s what makes feet their primary target because feet are generally crammed into polyester socks and shoes.

– Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails can be very painful. Anyone that has experienced one before likely knows just how painful it can truly be. It occurs when your toenail starts to grow deep inside the skin. If it gets bad enough, it needs to be cut out to be removed.

– Blisters

Blisters are very common among athletes and those who do a lot of running. These are sore and fluid-filled lumps on your toes and feet that can be caused by excessive friction. It’s one of the reasons you want to break into your shoes before you start to do any athletic activity in them.

Foot Care

– Bunions

Bunions typically occur when the large toe joint gets deformed and inflamed. This results in a lump forming on the large toe and it can cause the toes to start protruding to other toes.

While all of the feet issues listed above can hurt, there are ways to effectively reduce your chances of developing them. The two best ways to do this are by creating and adhering to a proper foot maintenance and care routine and by getting proper fitting shoes.

Keeping Your Feet Healthy

– Keep Them Dry

One of the more important things you should be doing when it comes to caring for your feet is keeping them dry. You don’t want to keep your feet in a moist environment where fungus can run rampant. It’s best to keep your feet dry by wearing cotton socks.

– Wash Your Feet

You will want to ensure that you are washing your feet daily. You need to be washing them in warm water and with soap. It’s equally as important to dry your feet fully before putting on any socks. Allow air to get to your feet when you aren’t wearing shoes. 

– Wear Clean Socks

You need to be wearing clean socks every day. Avoid the urge to re-wear the same pair of socks for multiple days.

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– Cut Your Nails

Don’t allow your nails to grow too much. If you allow them to get too long, they can push up against your sock and the shoe wall and eventually cause ingrown toenails. Always cut your nails straight across and not around the edges as it could result in your nail growing inside of your skin.

– Slough Off Dead Skin

You need to get rid of dead skin on your feet. You want to exfoliate often. Getting rid of dead skin can keep your feet healthy by reducing pressure on certain areas of your feet. If you have dry feet, you can always moisturize to help.

– Get Proper Fitting Shoes

Try to get fitted by an expert. Not everyone knows what size of shoe they should be wearing. Likewise, they might not know what kind of shoe to look for without professional help. You want shoes that are well-fitting, breathable, and that offer the right kind of support. Take a look at If your shoes are too tight and they put too much pressure on certain areas of your feet, you could develop corn, blisters, and even bunions.

– Get Help

You may need specialized help. If so, you can speak with your doctor or go to a foot doctor who will be able to give you personalized and professional advice. If you have diabetes, you’ll want to monitor your foot health care. Thus, you should ask your doctor about what you should be doing and looking for to properly care for your feet.

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