This is what Melania Trump prepares her own smoothie each morning


During an interview with Refinery29 in 2012, first lady Melania Trump revealed that she usually opts for a smoothie for breakfast. And no — this is not a Smoothie King or Jamba Juice situation. Instead, Melania prepares her own smoothie each morning, making sure that it’s packed to the brim with healthy, organic fruits and vegetables. “Well, in the morning, every morning, I have a smoothie with a few ingredients and a lot of vitamins in it — it’s very healthy,” she explained, before adding that every now and then she will indulge in a bowl of oatmeal. See?! First ladies — they’re just like us.

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Melania Trump particular diet

But when asked about a particular diet, Melania was adamant that she doesn’t follow a diet regimen. “It’s not a diet, I just like to eat healthy because I feel better and have more energy. I don’t have a particular snack I always eat. If I would snack, I would snack on maybe fruit or a little bit of chocolate, because I think your body needs that, too,” she said. BRB, going to fulfill our bodies’ need for chocolate right now.

Melania Trump
Melania Trump


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