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The shady side of Nick Bosa

The shady side of Nick Bosa

According to Sports Illustrated, Nick Bosa “quote tweeted a picture of Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan with the caption, ‘Goats.'” His Twitter feed, which has since been scrubbed, was once reportedly full of support for Donald Trump and, according to The Root, a dislike for “everything black.” Some critics have wondered if Nick’s online presence indicates a racist attitude. As 49ersHUB writer Evan Sowards put it: “So is Nick Bosa just internet racist, or full blown MAGA racist?”

Conservative website Breitbart came to Nick’s defense, noting that the pass rusher has also expressed support for black conservatives. “The charge of racism against Bosa is even more absurd after looking at his timeline,” Breitbart reported. “Bosa has retweeted black conservative radio host Larry Elder, perhaps more than he’s retweeted any other political personality. Making it clear that the likely future #1 pick doesn’t dislike black people, he just doesn’t seem to like liberals.”

While the public debates his intentions on social media, in NFL draft rooms, it’s Nick’s talent that folks are focused on. “I can’t imagine a team sitting in a draft room — and I’ve asked teams — saying, ‘We’re going to pass on this guy because he’s left or right wing,'” ESPN analyst Todd McShay told The New York Times. “As long as it’s not something that from a character standpoint is something that is concerning or alarming, I don’t think politics will play into where a guy gets picked.”

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