Super Eagles of Nigeria drop one place in FIFA Ranking just before 2018 World Cup

The Super Eagles of Nigeria move from 47th to 48th in the latest World Ranking.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria have dropped in the latest FIFA Ranking just before the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

After remaining in the 47th position in the last ranking, the Super Eagles have dropped to 48th in World Football.

The Super Eagles have played three games since the last ranking although it is not known how much impact the results had in this latest one.

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African Ranking

Super Eagles play The Super Eagles have dropped from 47th to 48 in world football (VLADIMIR SIMICEK/AFP/Getty Images)

The Super Eagles have also dropped one place among the top African teams in the latest FIFA Ranking from sixth to seventh.

They are behind Tunisia (21), Senegal (27), Congo DR (38), Morocco (41), Egypt (45), Ghana (47).  Cameroon (49), Burkina Faso (52) and Mali (64) make up the top 10.

World Ranking

Germany National Team play Germany are still the number country in World Football (AFP/Getty Images)

Germany continue to rule world football in number one position followed by Brazil, Belgium, Portugal and Argentina who remain in their positions from the last Ranking.

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Switzerland, France, Poland, Chile and Spain make up the top 10.

Super Eagles 2018 World Cup Group D opponents

Argentina National Team play Super Eagles Group D opponents Argentina are number five in world football (AFP/Getty Images)

Super Eagles Group D opponent of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Argentina (fifth) and Iceland (22nd) remain unmoved while Croatia dropped two places from Croatia 18th to 20th.

Africa’s top 10

(1) Tunisia (2) Senegal (3) Congo DR (4) Morocco (5) Egypt (6) Ghana (7) Nigeria (8) Cameroon (9) Burkina Faso (10) Mali

World Ranking

(1) Germany (2) Brazil (3) Belgium (4) Portugal (5) Argentina (6) Switzerland (7) France  (8) Poland (9) Chile (10) Spain.

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