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Styling Blazers Made Easy For Ladies


Styling Blazers A lady’s wardrobe would be incomplete without a blazer. When it comes to highlighting a clothing staple of the fashion industry, the blazer is without a doubt the winner, owing to its versatility and ability to have a “Chic” effect on its wearer.

Be it casual or formal, blazers can be worn for a variety of occasions and are often a good way to elevate the styling of an entire outfit.

In honor of one of fashion’s greatest inventions, here are some ways to wear a blazer.

Blazer, t-shirt, and jeans

Even though it appears to be a simple combination, many ladies get it wrong. Sometimes styling a blazer can be tricky because you want to look good without going overboard. This is why you should opt for a fitted blazer. A fitted blazer doesn’t just accentuate your body figure but provides a great opportunity to explore different combos.

So you could wear a black fitted blazer, blue jeans, and a white tee shirt. And if you think this is to cliche, a pinstripe blazer over an off-white tee and black jeans will give you that regal but mysterious look that will have heads turning.


2. Blazers and turtlenecks

It’s difficult to go wrong with turtlenecks, so wearing one with a blazer is not a fashion faux pas. While you want to exude a classy London elegant lady vibe while wearing this outfit, keep in mind that choosing the right color and fabric is essential for nailing this look.

Rather than staying safe, you could opt for a print blazer and a neutral turtleneck with trousers. Try not to go overboard with fabric or color choices, and always make sure that your clothing items are cohesive.


3. Blazers and gowns

Want to up your blazer game and become the next fashion trailblazer? Then try layering a blazer over a below-the-knee-length gown. Gone are the days when blazers were worn over shirts or tops, now gowns are becoming part of the conversation.

This combination not only puts a new spin on the blazer look, but it’s also fun and versatile, suitable for both a night out with the girls or taking that jaw-dropping Instagram picture.


4. Blazers and accessories

Sometimes just wearing a blazer isn’t enough; you need to add details like brooches, pocket squares, and scarves to make it stand out. These accessories will set your blazer apart from the hundreds of others on the market.



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