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Must-Have Women’s Shorts For The Summer Season


Summer is here, and it is the perfect time to revamp your closet for the season. If there is one thing that you should have to get you through the summer, consider getting a fresh pair of shorts. 

LA–based brand Sanctuary said women’s shorts are a vital staple that could take you anywhere from a casual day at the beach to drinks in a trendy bistro. They are cool and comfy, making any summer wardrobe more fun and stylish. 

Here is a rundown of the must-have women’s shorts for summer.

Linen Shorts

Linen is a fabric that keeps you cool when it is sweltering outside. It absorbs moisture and dries fast, making you feel comfortable and put together even on super hot days. Look for linen shorts in natural colors like oat, beige, or white, and pair them with a striped top for a chic, nautical-themed ensemble. Finish the look with espadrilles, a nice pair of mirror sunglasses, a woven straw bag, and some delicate gold jewelry.

Though they are stylish for the daytime, you can wear linen shorts at night too. Swap out your top for a black tank, layer a lightweight jacket over it, and replace the espadrilles with sneakers for a look perfect for a movie date or dinner at a casual restaurant. 

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are perfect for running errands and when you want to be hands-free. The pockets give you lots of room for your phone and other necessities, and its utilitarian style makes it a good choice for active days. Most women wear cargo shorts for hiking, camping, and other daytime activities, but according to Sanctuary, you can wear these types of women’s shorts dressed up. Hence, they look more fashionable and appropriate for other occasions.

For instance, wear your cargo shorts with a crop top, a baseball cap, and a colorful sling bag for a fun party with friends. For a day hanging out at the mall, take the same outfit and layer a white button-down over your crop top, then add some hoop earrings and finish the look with chunky sneakers. 

Seersucker Shorts

Seersucker is a thin, striped, puckered cotton fabric often used to make hot-weather clothing. While seersucker is typically composed into a summer suit for men, it also works as an excellent material for women’s shorts since it is soft yet holds its shape quite well. For a classic look, for blue and white seersucker shorts, you can also get them in pastels or deeper colors if you want some variety.

Since seersucker has a fine stripe, you can pair it with a print as long as some of the print is the same color as the stripe. For example, if you’re wearing pink seersucker shorts, pair them with a floral-printed top with some pink. Meanwhile, for a classy look, pair your seersucker shorts with a plain white button-up sleeveless or short-sleeved shirt. It is a look that says, “I summer in the Hamptons,” and what could be chicer than that?

Denim Shorts 

Good old-fashioned denim or jean shorts should always be a part of anyone’s wardrobe. As reported by Sanctuary, this type of shorts for women is so easy to style, and you can come up with many different outfit combinations with just one pair of denim shorts. 

Of course, you can have several denim shorts in different lengths and washes, but if you can only have one for the summer season, pick a genuine blue pair that falls midthigh to get the most out of it. 

To style denim shorts, wear a candy-colored tank and an open chambray shirt over it. For a more fashion-forward outfit, pair your shorts with a bra top, a matching oversized blazer, dark sunglasses, and heeled boots. You can also wear denim shorts with a distressed concert tee and some chunky jewelry to give it an edge. 

Bermuda Shorts

Bermudas are suitable for those who want to wear modest shorts this summer. They are great for a day of leisure, but depending on how you style them, you can make Bermudas work for the office. Wear Bermuda shorts, a crisp white blouse, and peep-toe heels if you have a relaxed dress code. You can also wear Bermudas with a thin knitted blouse with Dolman sleeves and some pointed flats for a more casual outfit.

A basic white tee also works well with Bermuda shorts, but pick Bermudas in a fun color, such as pink, for a playful twist. It is even better if your shorts have a ribbon belt to add a feminine touch to your outfit. 

The best shorts for summer are easy to style and work with many outfit combinations that will make you look your best in the searing heat. Consider these must-have women’s shorts to create stylish outfits this summer!



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