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How to Choose Cute Boots for Women


It’s not boots season yet, I know it. How many times in the past have you, however, wished you’ve prepared for that season in advance? When everyone else starts wearing boots and you’re still on the lookout for the best ones for you, there’s definitely a chance of getting frustrated. Not to mention that buying under pressure to get these shoes as soon as possible can easily lead to making some wrong choices and regretting your purchase afterwards.

Don’t want to let that happen this year? Well, how about you buy cute boots on time instead of waiting for the very last moment? It’s the right thing to do! Plus, buying before the actual season comes can result in you getting some bargains and shopping at discount prices. No matter how much money you have, you’ll always look forward to a discount!

Okay, you’ll look forward to discounts. But, that doesn’t exactly mean you should choose your boots based on the price alone. While it may play a role, there are actually so many other important things to consider so as to make the best choice. And, if you’ve been struggling with buying the perfect cute boots in the past, you may want to get some tips on how to do it this year. Tips I’ll provide below.

Decide on the Type You Want

Ankle boots, calf, knee-high, over-the-knee, wedge, biker, snow boots… Just some of the types you can and should consider before grabbing your wallet and ordering one of these for you. Sure, you can always order more and have a few different styles to wear, but here’s the thing. Buying those that won’t look flattering on your feet and on your entire body is not the best idea, meaning you should carefully consider what will work for you and what may not be the right choice. Having been wearing these in the past as well, you probably already know what looks great on you and what doesn’t.

Your Height Plays a Role Too

One thing that women forget year after year is that their height plays a role in the type they should choose. I get the need for experimenting and for trying out new styles, but you should buy at least one pair that you know will look amazing on you, just so you can play it safe. Once you have that one amazing pair, you can experiment all you want.

If you’re a petite woman, you should consider boots with heels, as those will make your legs appear longer, just like those that hug your ankle, or end just about an inch above the ankle will. A knee-high pair will also work on petite women, but they should avoid calf length, or boots that are too slouchy. If going for ankle length, you may want to learn how to style them: How to wear ankle boots

Almost all styles work on taller women that are blessed with long legs. Over-the-knee boots are a good choice because they will accentuate your legs without adding any additional height. And, if you’re worried that heels won’t look good on you because you’re tall, it’s time to put that myth to rest. You can rock boots with heels as well, but it’s best to keep the heel short.

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And so Does the Width of Your Feet

The width of your feet will also have a say in the style you should choose. And, while narrow feet can look great in pretty much anything, women with wider feet should avoid pointed toes or shoes with some kinds of decorative details that can make the foot appear even wider. Buckles and straps are, thus, not your best friend if you have wide feet.

And Your Calves

If you have wide calves, choosing a pair of boots that have elastic gussets is the way to go. These will be easier to put on, as well as more comfortable to wear. Wraparound straps should be avoided, as they’ll just mange to make your calves look even wider, which is probably not what you want. Buying the right pair will take the accent of the calves.

Comfort Is Important

Comfort should be your number one concern when choosing the right pair of boots for you. You’ll be wearing these shoes for long periods of the day, working, walking, possibly even running if rain catches you or something similar happens. The bottom line? Comfort should never be compromised, so it’s imperative for you to choose those shoes that you’ll easily be able to wear all day long without your feet getting tired. Since you most likely have experience wearing these in the past, you already have some ideas as to what’s comfortable on your foot and what isn’t. And, if you know you can stand on heels for far too long, it would be best to avoid such styles.

Quality Matters Too

Searching for these items online will have you already imagining how to style the boots you’ll buy, what to wear with them and how to look amazing wearing them. It’s completely normal for everyone to think about that, since buying shoes and then not knowing how to wear them is not exactly a dream come true. While figuring out how to wear these, and you can get some tips on this page, is important, you should never shop for boots just because you imagined them looking cute on an outfit. Instead, you should take quality into account as well, since you want these to last, and not get all ruined after you wear them once or twice. So, always keep quality in mind.

As Well As the Price

I’ve already explained that choosing based on the price is not the best idea. That, however, doesn’t mean you should completely ignore it. Checking out the prices offered by different shops and determining what’s reasonable and what may be taking it too far is a must. And, remember, there’s always a chance for getting some discounts, so search for such options if you have the time.



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