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Solidstar Reveals How His Music Inspired P-Square and Other Nigerian Artists

How I inspired P-Square, other Nigerian artists - Solidstar

In a recent revelation, Nigerian singer Solidstar, also known as Joshua Iniyezo, shared how his hit song ‘One In A Million’ revolutionized the Nigerian music industry and inspired other artists, including the iconic duo P-Square.

During a candid conversation on The Honest Bunch podcast, Solidstar opened up about the impact of his music on the industry. He recalled how his unique musical style led many to mistake him for a Ghanaian artist when he first rose to fame.

“It was ‘One In A Million’ that paved the way for me in the music industry. I won the Best New Artist at the Nigerian Music Video Awards with the song. Many even thought I was Ghanaian, they didn’t know I’m Nigerian because my style then was different,” Solidstar shared.

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The singer went on to reveal that the remix of ‘One In A Million’ featuring 2Baba served as the inspiration behind P-Square’s hit song ‘Possibility,’ which also featured the same artist.

“It was my song [‘One In A Million’] that changed the sound of the Nigerian music industry. It was also the inspiration behind P-Square’s ‘Possibility’ featuring 2Baba. The song changed the Nigerian music industry. It came with its unique style. I slowed the tempo down and everyone started copying that pattern,” Solidstar explained.

Solidstar’s revelation sheds light on the influence of his music on the evolution of Nigerian music, showcasing how his innovative approach to sound left a lasting impact on the industry.

As the conversation continues to spark discussions among music enthusiasts, it is evident that Solidstar’s contribution to the Nigerian music scene goes beyond just creating hit songs. His ability to push boundaries and introduce new sounds has inspired a generation of artists to think outside the box and explore different musical styles.

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With this newfound appreciation for Solidstar’s musical legacy, it is clear that his impact on the Nigerian music industry will continue to resonate for years to come.



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