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Service Quality in Contact Centers and Its Implications on User Experience

Blindly hiring and relying on a contact center service provider can cost a business dearly. Monitoring and managing the quality of the contact center service are very important and both the hiring party and the service provider should agree upon it. Hence, a quality management system should be present to measure the outcomes through a scalable platform offered by the service provider.

What Is Quality Management for Contact Centers?

A call between a customer and a contact center agent is quite crucial and can offer a long-lasting impact with a brilliant impression left in the mind of the customer. This impression has the potential to build customer loyalty and can even generate leads from word of mouth. The best method of creating a genuine impression on potential leads and customers is via contact center services.

It is obvious that one-to-one engagement is the root to develop brand loyalty and its quality management is mandatory. It will automatically drive revenue generation to a positive curve. On this ground, the essential elements of effective service quality assurance are:

  • Contact agent scripts – a well-defined script that agents will follow to maintain the efficiency for customer interaction success.
  • Proper industry induction and training – The executives in the team should be trained and inducted to specific industry products and lingo.
  • Quality standard definition document (QSDD) – This document enables a service provider and a client to map the quality process and meet the enterprise goals. It contains the overall guidelines and standard operation procedure (SOP) of the initiated quality management program.
  • Evaluation forms – Evaluation forms can be the best tools to evaluate typical customer calls.
  • QA evaluators – Professionals with good experience should be incorporated into the team for reviewing, creating, and updating such quality assurance programs.
  • Calibration – To standardize the score of an evaluation form, evaluators should calibrate and find whether the quality of calls is at the right level or not.
  • Reporting – Proper monitoring of calls and generating reports regularly through a scalable platform will make service quality tracking easier. Generated reports will enable both the service provider and the client to understand the current state of quality comprehensively to take necessary measures.

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Modern Approaches to Managing Service Quality

1.     Random sampling and targeted monitoring

Random sample monitoring, as we all know, is a way to measure and check an agent’s performance to ensure service quality. Review is done based on certain parameters and samples are chosen randomly.

On the other hand, targeted monitoring is a way to take a look at the high-value calls with key customers and high-monetary value. This approach enables us to discover or identify factors behind cancellations, renewals, low survey scores, etc.

2.     Driven by analytics

It is an automated approach that can boost your quality assurance program. The use of modern IT-powered analytical tools that utilize speech, text analytics, and desktop actions can help monitor service quality.

Analytics-powered service quality management provides excellent insights related to chats, calls, and emails. It can escalate the service quality by providing in-depth insights into the current contact center processes.

customer services

The Implication of Service Quality Management on User Experience

When you hire a call center service provider, managing service quality becomes a crucial point for escalating the level of customer experience. Only a satisfied customer will make repetitive buying decisions and will generate more revenue than new leads. Here is how managing service quality by using specific trends can transform the customer experience.

1.     Automation

Automated solutions from the top service providers will escalate service quality and offer the best support to the customers. Using modern technologies will help collect, analyze and provide deeper insights into the interactions and design a better strategic approach.

2.     Multichannel quality management

Managing the same quality for all the communication channels will be the right approach. Customers approaching from multiple channels will get the same quality support and will contribute to building brand loyalty.

3.     Trendspotter

Analytics-based contact center IT platforms help generate valuable information based on buying behavior and other factors. Modern tools give an extra edge to predictive and automated analytics of customer behavior. This benefit can be implemented to make the customer experience better.

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In a nutshell

Considering all the points we have discussed, we can conclude that quality management of services offered by a contact center vendor can increase good feedback and generate customer loyalty. Offering a positive resolution of issues and queries will create a greater brand value in the market.

100% monitoring of customer interaction offers the highest visibility of a customer support process and the performance of the agents. It enables us to identify the pitfalls and overcome specific hurdles of one-to-one interactions for a better success rate. Service quality management enables to increase in employee experience and performance. Hence, service quality monitoring and management overall benefit a business.

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