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Respected pop stars that are actually terrible people

Respected pop stars that are actually terrible people

Contrary to popular belief, Chris Brown is not a ladies man. Rihanna drama aside, he has quite a reputation for mistreating women, like, say, the time he allegedly ambushed his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran in 2015.

According to E! News, Brown noticed Tran and her friends partying at a club and decided to purchase a table directly next to the group. This reportedly made Tran leave (because no one wants their ex interrupting the hunt for potential baes), but Brown “followed her into her car” and refused to get out, even threatening those who tried to intervene. Though he did eventually get out and leave the scene, he hasn’t left that kind of behavior behind.

In 2016, Brown allegedly went on a “violent rage” against a woman at his home and wound up pointing a gun at her. According to the Los Angeles Times, the drama started when the woman was “admiring [Brown’s] jewelry.” Another man who was present supposedly “told [her] to back away … and started cussing [her] out and calling [her] names,” the woman told the publication. Then, she said, “Chris pulled his gun and told [her] to ‘Get out.'”

The police were called and dispatched to the home, but Brown refused to let police in, leading to an hours-long standoff that ended with the singer under arrest.

The funny thing is, he said he was a “changed man” after the Rihanna incident, but he’s certainly having a hard time proving it.

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