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Relationship Talk How do I stop being an assistant boyfriend?

Hi Bukky,

There’s this girl I’m so in love with and I think she’s into me, too.

She’s been absolutely responsive to me and I was beginning to think we might actually have a thing going.

But then, during a random chat last night, she told me she has a boyfriend.

I very much doubt this but I’m still pretty confused.

We went out together to the movies for the first time last week but I opted not to ask her out yet.

Firstly, is it possible for a single girl to lie about having a boyfriend and why will she even do that?

Secondly, if it’s true that she truly has a boyfriend, what are my chances of getting her?

I’m asking because I love her so much and she has also been 100% responsive to me, she even calls me and texts me often.

Dear reader,

I think you need to listen to what she says.

If she’s said she has a boyfriend, then maybe she really does. Don’t let the attraction and good vibes distract you from the truth.

It’s possible for girls to lie about having a boyfriend. This actually happens when they’re not feeling a guy and they’re trying to get him to back off.

But the, this particular babe does not sound like someone who wants you to go away.

Nonetheless, you still need to have a conversation with her though.

You should ask her to honestly tell you why she’s leading you on and shining a bright green light at you when she knows she has someone in her life.

If that’s you really want, then you should let her know that you want her to be your girl and she needs to clean up her act and decide if it’s the other guy she wants or you.

Enough of the side-guy game she’s playing.

Do you want to talk about your love life, marriage or family issues?

Do you have burning questions that you would love to get answers to?

               please drop your comment below   

I’ll provide the most honest answers to them anonymously.

So, why not send that mail today and let’s talk about it?

A problem shared is a problem half-solved!

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