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Nigeria Football Federation President Calls for Abridged 2023-24 Premier Football League Season

Abuja, Nigeria – In a recent meeting held at the Sunday Dankaro House, located at Package B of the Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Nigeria Football Federation President, Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau, raised the topic of an abridged 2023-24 Nigeria Premier Football League season. This proposal was discussed with the chieftains of the Nigeria Premier League board and the Club Owners Association.

Gusau, known for his insightful perspectives and extensive experience in the football industry, addressed the gathering and put forth his opinion, urging the league hierarchy to consider the possibility of reducing the length of the upcoming season.

“I hold a personal opinion, and that is to support the concept of an abridged league. I am aware that this may come as a surprise to many of you, but I sincerely believe it is worth considering,” Gusau expressed during the meeting.

The president went on to highlight the challenges faced by governments and clubs in sustaining a grueling 38-match season. With passion and conviction, Gusau prompted the attendees to contemplate the feasibility of his suggestion before making any decisions.

“This is a thought-provoking matter that warrants serious consideration. We must carefully evaluate whether our current structure aligns with the practical realities faced by our clubs and the financial capacity of various entities involved,” emphasized Gusau.

The discussion surrounding the potential abridged league aims to address the concerns raised by stakeholders in the football community, particularly pertaining to the financial implications and logistical demands of a lengthy season.

Enyimba, one of Nigeria’s most successful football clubs, emerged victorious in the recently concluded 2022-23 NPL season. The team showcased their exceptional skills and strategic prowess, ultimately claiming the top spot at the Super 6 championship playoffs held in Lagos.

Abridged Season: Balancing Excellence and Sustainability

The proposition put forth by President Gusau invites a thorough evaluation of the current league structure to ensure a harmonious balance between sporting excellence and the financial sustainability of clubs.

With the Nigerian football landscape continually evolving, finding solutions that cater to the needs of both players and institutions is of paramount importance. The call for an abridged season stems from an understanding of the challenges posed by extensive travel and the financial burden associated with conducting numerous matches on the road.

While the comprehensive 38-match season has been the norm for many years, Gusau’s suggestion presents an opportunity for reflection and adaptation. The proposal seeks to build a model that enhances efficiency and reduces financial strain, consequently fostering a more competitive and financially stable environment for Nigerian football.

The Outcome of the Super 6 Championship Playoffs

Enyimba’s impressive performance at the Super 6 championship playoffs served as a testament to the immense talent present within Nigerian football. The team delivered a thrilling exhibition of skill, determination, and teamwork, securing their victory in a tightly contested competition.

The result excited football enthusiasts nationwide and marked a significant milestone in Enyimba’s illustrious history. The club’s triumph in the 2022-23 NPL season demonstrates the resilient spirit and unrivaled dedication of Nigerian footballers.

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