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Niger Delta Women Demand Action from President Tinubu on Oil Company Divestment

Niger Delta women urge Tinubu not to approve divestment of Shell, AGIP, ExxonMobil

A powerful coalition of women’s organizations in the Niger Delta region is calling on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to halt the divestment plans of Shell Petroleum Development Company, AGIP, and ExxonMobil until the companies clean up and restore polluted farmlands in the area.

In a passionate appeal, the coalition, led by prominent women activists such as Emem Okon, Glory Alexander Alauchi, and Patience Osaroejiji, expressed their concerns about the environmental damages caused by the multinational oil companies in the region.

The women, who are at the forefront of advocating for the rights of their communities, highlighted the devastating impact of oil exploration on their lives and livelihoods. They emphasized that women in the Niger Delta bear the brunt of the ecological degradation caused by oil extraction, leading to a decline in crop yields and increased poverty.

“We, the women, are the most affected by the activities of these oil companies. Our lives and the lives of our families are at stake due to the environmental damages caused by their operations,” said the coalition in a statement released to the press.

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The women also raised concerns about the lack of engagement with host communities and the absence of guidelines for resolving pollution issues before the divestments take place. They called on the government to intervene and ensure that the companies take responsibility for cleaning up polluted sites and restoring lost livelihood opportunities.

“We implore President Tinubu not to approve the divestment plans until the polluted farmlands are cleaned up and restored by these companies. The well-being of our communities and our future generations depends on it,” the group stated.

The coalition highlighted specific areas in the Niger Delta, such as Ebocha, Ibeno, and Umuechem, where gas flaring and oil extraction have had severe impacts on the environment and the health of local residents. They urged the government to prioritize ecosystem restoration and ensure that divestment is only allowed after thorough measures are taken to address the environmental damages.

Furthermore, the women criticized the multinational oil corporations for failing to establish women’s development funds to support those who have suffered the consequences of their activities. They called for greater accountability and transparency in the divestment process, emphasizing that the interests of the local communities must be prioritized.

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As the voices of the Niger Delta women grow louder, it is clear that they are determined to hold the oil companies and the government accountable for the environmental injustices that have plagued their communities for far too long. President Tinubu now faces a crucial decision on whether to approve the divestment plans or listen to the pleas of the women who are demanding action and justice.



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