Lol. It’s not everyone you see on the road that is sane.

An enraged woman brought traffic to a standstill as she bashed a car with her handbag then dived in through a window during a fight in the middle of the road.

The hilarious fight was captured on video by a man traveling in a van behind. The car being bashed by the woman blocked the road, thereby making it impossible for other cars behind to move.

In the video, the woman is seen battering the blue-coloured Rover with her handbag. She then reaches in through the car window to grab papers which she throws across the road. A man is seen jumping out of the car while the woman continued the attack on the car.

At this point, the woman dives into the car through a window. The men filming couldn’t control themselves and can be heard in the background laughing uncontrollably. The woman then opens the rear door on the opposite side of the car and begins kicking it. She throws an object at the man and he starts to walk away.  However he returns, gets into the driver seat and they both drive off together as if nothing had happened.

The incident was filmed on Tuesday in Faifley Road, Clydebank, Scotland.

Watch the video below.



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