A Kenyan mum has narrated the horror hearing the last words from her son before he got stoned to death

– She confessed that her son was a notorious thug who had been warned countless times to no avail

– On that fateful day, the boy had attempted to steal a motorbike and was caught red-handed orchestrating his lynching in broad daylight

– The woman also sent a message to a certain dread-locked guy who threw the huge rock that killed her son

Any parents’ dream for their children is for them to lead a peaceful, happy life, one where they are shielded from the evils of this world and that they grow in the favour and grace of the Almighty.

But such was not the same for a mum to a young man who died a tragic death after he was caught stealing a motorcycle in Nairobi’s east lands area.

Taking to social media, the mum, Sookie Roman Reigns, confessed and recognised that her son was a hardcore thief but the family loved him nonetheless.

Mother of a notorious thug narrates the horror of watching her son getting killed
Sookie’s son had been caught stealing a bodaboda. Photo: Star.

“Mum niko poa. ulikuwa unataka aje?. Mum nilikuwa nakusalimia’ (Mum I’m OK, what did you want? I was just greeting you mum) Those were your very last words a day before you left this world. Despite all effort to make you reform, trying to take you to school, trying to start a business for you, taking you to police custody you never changed,

“You choose the wrong path but you remained family because blood is thicker than water. 20yrs have gone to waste just because of a bicycle. I only hope you asked for forgiveness for all the pain you ever caused people and I ask God to give you peace in your next life,

Mother of a notorius thug narrates the horror of watching her son getting killed

“It really hurts to hear you scream calling for your mum but it was too late because the rasta (dread-locked) man seemed too determined to take your life. I don’t support crime but the pain I have and the tears won’t stop rolling down just thinking of what you went through,

“As a family, we still loved you and hoped maybe one day you will be a changed man.Yeah, I never thought I wound cry for you or even have sleepless night for you. Fare thee well son. RASTA MAN, hope you enjoyed your refuge and I just hope when you have kids you will never be forced to see anyone stone you only son to death. My last words go to all young people please reform,”wrote Sookie.

Mother of a notorious thug narrates the horror of watching her son getting killed
Dandora is one of the estates in Nairobi’s Eastlands area that is notorious for crime. Photo: All Africa.

Sookie shared her grief on the Dandora Crime Free Facebook page, a social media page where police and citizens work together to ward off crime in Nairobi.

The page has also turned into a platform for police to expose and warn criminals, as well as post pictures of thugs gunned down after refusing to heed warnings.



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