Miley Cyrus Sporting ‘Wedding’ Band?


Miley Cyrus Sporting ‘Wedding’ Band?


Miley Cyrus Sporting 'Wedding' Band?Miley Cyrus is either a married woman or she’s just screwing with us … and we think it’s the latter.

Miley was spotted out Thursday with what looks like a wedding band during a shoot with “The Voice” in Malibu. She’s clearly showing off the hardware for the cam.

What’s more … we got this pic of her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, over the weekend sporting a similar band.

Miley Cyrus Sporting 'Wedding' Band?So, are they married is the question. Someone in daily and close contact with Miley tells us “100% no.”

If she’s just messin’ with everyone … good on her. 


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