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Larry David’s daughter has grown up to be gorgeous

David has been described as the “new Lena Dunham,” but, while Dunham may be known for her love of New York, David hates the place with a passion. In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, the Eighty-Sixed creator let readers know how she really felt about NYC, challenging the “you gotta love it anyway” attitude many New Yorkers share. “From my experience of visiting the city, you don’t gotta love it anyway,” she wrote. “What if someone said that about a guy they were trying to set you up with: ‘Yeah, he’s gross and smells horrible, but you gotta love him anyway. It’s Gary!'”

She then goes on to argue that the fact “anything can happen” in New York isn’t much of an advert for the place, at least in her eyes. “Leaving my home and knowing anything can happen is not appealing, it’s actually terrifying,” she said. According to the hypersensitive comic, the kind of things that happen when you venture out in New York aren’t usually good. “They’re not things like running into an organic farmers market and then stumbling into a live Shawn Mendes concert in the park. They’re events like, ‘I left my apartment, stepped in dog s***, got mugged and hit by a Citi Bike. Anything can happen!'”

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