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July 2017 Horoscopes: It’s Time to Grow and Evolve (Your Style)

Buckle up, because July may be a bumpy ride.

Planning an epic vacation? Although your destination may be bright and sunny, the journey there may push you out of your comfort zone. According to spiritual adviser Lisa Greenfield, July is going to help you turn a corner with your responsibilities. It’s a month of personal growth. “I don’t care how bad something looks, you have the ability to make it better with every thought and action you contribute,” she told E! News. “Temper won’t serve you nearly as well as inner strength. You have to learn to handle things in a new way for yourself and others.” 

As you embark on a new journey, style your outfits to reflect an evolved you. Keep scrolling to see what this month has in store for your horoscope and your closet! 

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