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Jocelyn Lara: From Football Recruiter to International Soccer Account Manager

Jocelyn Lara has already made her mark in the world of sports, with a career that has taken her from the football fields of the University of Tennessee to the international soccer arena. But it’s not just her professional achievements that have put her in the spotlight. As the girlfriend of burgeoning NFL star Joshua Dobbs, Lara’s personal life has also garnered attention. Let’s take a closer look at the journey of this dynamic young woman.

During her time at the University of Tennessee, Lara delved into the world of football, taking on the role of a recruiting assistant. For nearly three years, she played a pivotal part in the planning and execution of official and unofficial recruiting visits, including game days. Her dedication and expertise in this role did not go unnoticed, and she quickly became a respected figure within the university’s football program.

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In 2020, Lara’s passion for football led her to join the NFL’s Women’s Career in Football Forum, a prestigious event aimed at inspiring, educating, and connecting qualified female candidates for football operations positions in the NFL, college, and high school football programs. Her participation in this forum further solidified her commitment to the sport and opened doors to new opportunities in the industry.

Following her tenure at the University of Tennessee, Lara transitioned to a role as an executive assistant to the head football coach at the University of Michigan. Her experience and expertise continued to grow as she immersed herself in the world of collegiate football, gaining valuable insights and connections along the way.

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However, as the years progressed, Lara’s career took an unexpected turn as she ventured into the realm of international soccer. In 2024, she made a significant career move by accepting a position as an account manager at Generation Adidas International. This renowned organization offers a diverse range of international youth soccer programs, catering to individuals aspiring to pursue professional careers in the sport. Lara’s role at Generation Adidas International signifies a new chapter in her professional journey, showcasing her versatility and adaptability across different sports disciplines.

While Lara’s current focus lies within the realm of international soccer, her deep-rooted connection to football remains evident. With a career trajectory that has seen her navigate through various facets of the sports industry, it is clear that Lara’s passion and expertise transcend boundaries. Her ability to seamlessly transition from football recruiting to international soccer management is a testament to her adaptability and determination to excel in any sporting arena.

As the girlfriend of Joshua Dobbs, a rising star in the NFL, Lara’s personal and professional life intertwines with the world of sports in a unique and compelling manner. Her journey serves as an inspiration to young women aspiring to carve their paths in the male-dominated sports industry, proving that dedication, talent, and perseverance can lead to remarkable achievements.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of sports, Jocelyn Lara stands as a shining example of resilience and ambition. While her current role at Generation Adidas International marks a significant milestone in her career, the possibility of her returning to the NFL in the future cannot be discounted. With her unwavering passion for sports and her proven track record of success, Lara’s professional journey continues to captivate and inspire those within and beyond the sports industry.

In conclusion, Jocelyn Lara’s journey from football recruiter to international soccer account manager is a testament to her unwavering dedication and adaptability. Her career trajectory serves as an inspiration to young women aspiring to make their mark in the sports industry, showcasing the limitless potential for growth and success. As she continues to navigate through the dynamic world of sports, Lara’s impact and influence are poised to reach new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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