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It’s Weirdly Satisfying…

It’s Weirdly Satisfying…

Taking flat lay pictures of the makeup you are currently wearing, or that you plan to wear, on any given day is weirdly satisfying. And yes, I just figured this out.

I don’t know why… It must tap into some part of the primitive makeup-loving brain. The part that likes to see a bunch of coordinated colors together in one place?

Sometimes flat lay pics are a good way to tell if products won’t go together, too. I’m pretty sure that if I had flat layed (?) the makeup I was wearing on those days when I just grabbed whatever rando blush I grabbed because it was the closest thing within striking distance, which I’ve done sooo many times, the color palette would’ve looked totally off.

Anywho…as you can tell, someone likes wearing neutrals, haha! ?

It’s Weirdly Satisfying…

I like the idea of photographing the makeup I wear on any given day all together like this, but I don’t know if I’ll do them as flat lays all the time because, for real, flat lays are RUINING MY LIFE. If you have perfectionist tendencies, they’re a freakin’ nightmare. I keep seeing angles I want to correct…

Ahhh, Karen, let it go. LET IT GO!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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