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How Laurence Fishburne Once Saved Emilio Estevez’s Life

As Variety reported, Martin Sheen likewise faced his own near-death experience on the set of Apocalypse Now when he suffered a cardiovascular disease after a year of tough shooting in the jungle. At the time, he informed the movie’s manufacturers and insurance provider that it was just a “heat stroke.” The star, later on, confessed that the medical emergency was most likely triggered by tension. That was far from the only problem that Apocalypse Now dealt with.

Per The Independent, director Francis Ford Coppola informed journalism at Cannes that his movie wasn’t simply “about Vietnam”– it, in fact, was Vietnam. A hurricane struck the production at one point. The cast and team were continuously ill, and the Philippines president, who had actually provided them real helicopters, repossessed them to combat anti-government rebels. Marlon Brando demanded being shot in darkness to conceal his weight gain and encountered Dennis Hopper, who was continuously being provided with drugs by production.

Maybe most shockingly, props employees supposedly discovered genuine dead bodies to utilize in the movie and later on found they had actually purchased them from a grave-robber. The team was questioned by cops, who seized their passports, and the remains needed to be gotten rid of by soldiers, per The Independent.

And Sheen wasn’t alone in his medical emergency: Coppola, who was running the risk of countless his own cash, had an epileptic seizure. The outcome, nevertheless, made 8 Academy Award elections, presented the world to Laurence Fishburne, and is commonly considered a work of art.

how laurence fishburne once saved emilio estevezs life

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