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Jamie Foxx and Axl Rose are facing sexual assault allegations in lawsuits filed in New York.


Renowned US actor Jamie Foxx and Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose are facing sexual assault allegations in New York lawsuits filed just before the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Actress and model Sheila Kennedy has accused Axl Rose of sexually assaulting her in 1989, claiming she “did not consent and felt overpowered.” The legal filing is made under the New York Adult Survivors Act, a law designed to allow sexual assault cases that occurred too long ago to be litigated.

In the case against Jamie Foxx, the accuser, identified as Jane Doe, alleges that Foxx “intentionally and without consent used force to offensively touch her, by groping her breasts and genitals at a Manhattan rooftop bar in 2015. Both lawsuits call for jury trials, seeking punitive damages.

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The complaint against Axl Rose alleges forced anal sex, with Kennedy’s lawyers stating that she feared physical harm if she resisted, and claims that Rose abused his celebrity status and power to manipulate, control, and violently assault Kennedy.

Axl Rose, the 61-year-old lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, has yet to make any public comments regarding the allegations. The incident is said to have occurred in a New York hotel room after the two met in a nightclub.

In the Jamie Foxx case, the accuser claimed she would be permanently affected by the injuries and emotional distress resulting from the alleged assault. Foxx, a versatile entertainer who has excelled in acting, comedy, and music, including winning an Academy Award for his role in “Ray,” now faces a challenging legal battle.

The lawsuits come on the heels of a recent rape complaint filed under the Adult Survivors Act against rapper Sean Combs by R&B singer Cassie. Despite the initial legal action, the parties involved announced an agreement to resolve the case, with settlement terms undisclosed.

The allegations against Jamie Foxx and Axl Rose have shocked the entertainment industry and fans alike. Both men have built successful careers and have been in the public eye for decades. The allegations have the potential to tarnish their reputations and impact their careers.

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The #MeToo movement has brought increased attention to sexual assault and harassment allegations, leading to greater accountability for those accused of such actions. The legal actions against Jamie Foxx and Axl Rose are a reflection of this heightened awareness and the willingness of survivors to come forward and seek justice.

The use of the New York Adult Survivors Act in these cases highlights the importance of legislation that allows survivors of sexual assault to pursue legal action, even if the incidents occurred many years ago. This law gives survivors the opportunity to hold their abusers accountable and seek compensation for the harm they have suffered.

The lawsuits against Jamie Foxx and Axl Rose are likely to generate significant media attention and public interest. The allegations are serious and have the potential to have a lasting impact on the lives and careers of the accused. It remains to be seen how the legal proceedings will unfold and what the eventual outcomes will be.

The entertainment industry has been rocked by numerous high-profile allegations of sexual misconduct in recent years, and the lawsuits against Jamie Foxx and Axl Rose are the latest in a series of cases that have drawn attention to the issue. The outcomes of these cases will be closely watched and could have far-reaching implications for the industry as a whole.

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As the legal battles unfold, the public will be looking for answers and seeking justice for the accusers. The allegations against Jamie Foxx and Axl Rose are a reminder of the importance of taking allegations of sexual assault seriously and holding those accused accountable for their actions.

The lawsuits against Jamie Foxx and Axl Rose are a stark reminder that no one is above the law, regardless of their status or celebrity. The legal system will now have the opportunity to weigh the evidence and determine the truth behind the allegations. The outcomes of these cases will have a lasting impact on the lives of all involved and will send a powerful message about the consequences of sexual assault.



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