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Fogberg: Picturesque iceberg in foggy Ferryland draws onlookers, photographers

A sheet of fog descends on the coast of the Southern Shore of the Avalon Peninsula, looking like something straight out of a fantasy or horror movie.

While it’s an alluring sight in its own right, the grey curtain of fog is blocking the main attraction: a large iceberg floating in the water off the coast of Ferryland.

“It’s huge, we always wanted to see one that size,” said Andrew Wiscombe, who went with his wife, photographer Aleesha Bootsma, and son, Brady, to see the iceberg Tuesday afternoon.

“To actually be able to experience it was really cool.”

The chunk of floating ice, which is currently nestled beside an island off Ferryland’s coast, has drawn many spectators and photographers over the past few days, says Charlie Dunne, the co-owner of Dunne’s Bed and Breakfast in Ferryland.

Although the town has seen ice before, such as the massive iceberg that floated by in 2017, Dunne said this is one of the biggest icebergs he’s ever seen.

A large, white iceberg floats in blue water.
Photographer Aleesha Bootsma went with her husband Andrew Wiscombe and son, Brady, to see and grab pictures of the iceberg off Ferryland’s coast. (Submitted by Aleesha Bootsma)

“It’s absolutely amazing,” said Dunne. “It’s too good to miss.”

Ferryland’s mayor Aidan Costello says he estimates the iceberg is around 30 metres high, and that the annual arrival of icebergs is a good thing for the economy of a small town.

“It’s a great start to our tourism season. Its nice to see that many people around,” said Costello. 

“I was just up at the restaurant and had a look there and that was pretty busy. So yeah, you can notice the traffic around town today for sure.”

At 8 years old, Brady Wiscombe says he’s seen a lot of ice in his lifetime. But he says he’s never seen an iceberg quite this big. He says he was excited to see the chunk of ice, and hopes to see “maybe seven” in total this year.

“I just was surprised, very surprised,” said Brady.

‘This is God’s playground’

Jacqueline Harding and her husband, Bob, say they waited over an hour for the fog to clear Tuesday afternoon so they could get a glimpse of their first-ever iceberg.

The couple is from Vancouver Island, and have spent the past few months in Newfoundland celebrating the birth of their granddaughter. 

Although it took a while for the fog to clear, Jacqueline says it was worth the wait.

“The fact that it’s from a glacier, and yeah, the colour, how white they are and just how grand and glorious they look.… It’s amazing,” she said.

Alain Marion moved to the province from Brantford, Ont. in September. He says he spent about four days trying to find the iceberg as it moved along the shore.

“I’m ecstatic to see it, it’s amazing,” said Marion, who says he’s retiring in Newfoundland.

“This is God’s playground. This is the best place on earth.”

Environment Canada’s iceberg bulletin estimates there are currently between 207 and 275 icebergs around the province.

Read more from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

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