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Engage in Business, Stop Depending on Govt for Your Needs – Islamic Cleric Tells Colleagues

In a thought-provoking public lecture titled “Shariah Implementation in Zamfara State: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” Sheikh Yusuf Abdulahi Talata Mafara, an esteemed Islamic cleric, emphasized the importance of Islamic scholars venturing into commercial activities rather than relying solely on the government for their needs. The event, organized by the Zamfara State Security Initiatives Project, took place at the prestigious Taula Academy Hall in Gusau.

Sheikh Mafara, a retired permanent secretary and a member of the Zamfara Ulama Consultative Council, highlighted the significance of scholars engaging in business to ensure their voices are heard by the government. He stressed that by becoming self-sufficient through commerce, they would be in a better position to offer advice and guidance to the government.

“It has become essential for every one of us to learn business and commercial activities so that we can fulfill our responsibilities as Islamic scholars without solely depending on the government,” Sheikh Mafara asserted. “We are meant to be advisors to the government due to our influential position in society. However, if we continue relying on the government for all our needs, our advice may not be taken seriously.”

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During the enlightening program, three distinguished Islamic scholars took the stage to deliver captivating lectures on Islam and the Shari’a legal system. Atiku Balarabe Zawiyya, Malan Bello Kanwa, and Sheikh Ibn Umar Kanoma shared their insights and perspectives on various aspects of the Islamic faith.

Sheikh Ahmad Umar Kanoma delivered a powerful lecture on reviving the fading Shari’a legal system in Zamfara State. He urged the state government to convene an emergency meeting of former governors and other influential stakeholders to explore the possibility of revitalizing the Islamic legal system. Sheikh Kanoma emphasized that political differences must be set aside to rescue the state from the clutches of insecurity and socio-economic challenges that hinder its progress.

In his lecture, Atiku Balarabe Zawiyya eloquently enumerated the benefits and achievements of the Shari’a legal system since its implementation in the state. He also shed light on the challenges it faces and proposed strategies for improving its effectiveness. Sheikh Zawiyya revealed that the introduction of the Shari’a legal system had significantly reduced illegal activities in Zamfara State. Notably, over 8,000 beer parlors and 1,000 brothels were closed down. To enhance the performance and dedication of Islamic judges, their remuneration and salaries were increased from N7,000 to N30,000.

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Furthermore, Sheikh Atiku Balarabe highlighted that the implementation of the Shari’a legal system had fostered collaboration among different Islamic organizations. He commended the establishment of the state Consultative Council of Ulamas and urged the state government to explore ways to further improve the implementation of Shariah in Zamfara State.

In his remarks, Malan Aminu Aliyu emphasized that Shari’a is a comprehensive way of life and that reviving it in Zamfara State requires the collective efforts of individuals and the state government. He urged the people of Zamfara to refrain from blaming Islamic scholars for any setbacks experienced in the system, emphasizing that everyone has a role to play in its success.

“We, as individuals, must strengthen our faith and contribute to the development of the Shari’a legal implementation system at all levels,” Malan Aminu Aliyu asserted.

Sheikh Yusuf Abdulahi Talata Mafara’s call for Islamic scholars to engage in business rather than relying solely on the government for their needs resonated deeply with the audience. His thought-provoking lecture shed light on the importance of self-sufficiency and independence within the Islamic community. By venturing into commerce, scholars can not only support themselves but also gain the respect and attention of the government, enabling them to effectively fulfill their roles as advisors.

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The event was a resounding success, with attendees leaving with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to contribute to the betterment of Zamfara State. The lectures delivered by the esteemed Islamic scholars provided valuable insights into the implementation of the Shari’a legal system and highlighted the need for continuous improvement and collaboration among stakeholders.

As Zamfara State continues its journey towards progress and development, the wise words of Sheikh Yusuf Abdulahi Talata Mafara and his esteemed colleagues will undoubtedly serve as a guiding light for Islamic scholars and the community at large. The call to engage in business and take charge of their own destiny resonates not only within the Islamic community but also with individuals seeking empowerment and self-sufficiency.

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