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Do’s and Don’ts For Picking The Perfect Bridal Party

Do: Avoid negativity.

We all have that friend who complains about getting sunburned on beautiful days. You don’t want someone who will be constantly bringing down your mood around you on your wedding day. The last thing you want on the morning of your wedding is someone who’s whining about the short dress or questioning your makeup choices!

Don’t: Ask people just because they asked you.

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor, but don’t feel pressure to ask friends simply because they asked you. As times change, who you surround yourself with changes as well, and you may not be as close to friends as you once were. Or maybe you’re having fewer maids, or you want to include every one of the groom’s five sisters (so nice of you)! The point is, don’t feel constricted by repaying favors.

The great thing about weddings? There are a million jobs that need doing. If your cousin or coworker doesn’t make the cut but you still want them to feel involved, give them another job, like a personal attendant or reader. There’s room for everyone on your wedding day—but keep your bridal party for the near and dear to your heart.

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Claire Swinarski is a writer and podcaster based in Wisconsin. When she isn’t writing, she can be found obsessing over football, eating a burrito bowl, or hanging out with her husband and son.

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