Desiree Hartsock Shares 5 Ways to Get your Groom Involved in Wedding Planning


Give him a task

Think of a wedding related to-do that suits your groom’s skillset. If he loves graphic design, maybe he can create a one-of-a-kind program. If he enjoys music, put him in charge of the reception playlist. If he excels at details and spatial reasoning, hand over that seating chart. We all excel at different things and that’s the beauty of being in a relationship: your strengths and weaknesses complement each other and together you are stronger.

Ask for his ideas

For all you know, there is a wedding planner lying dormant in your groom, just waiting to be activated! Okay, even if there isn’t, it’s important to make your partner feel valued, especially if you want them to be involved. And he may have some great ideas! When you’re getting started on wedding planning, ask him to explain what an ideal wedding day means to him. Of course, you may not implement his baseball and hot dog theme idea, but maybe you’ll get some unexpected, fun inspiration, like using baseball themed props from his favorite team in the photo booth.

Do the couple’s activities

Registering for gifts. Taste-testing the cake. Meeting with your caterer to figure out a custom cocktail. Look at these things as an excuse to spend time together! Sure, you might get them done faster if you do them on your own, but where’s the joy in that? These activities are great excuses to go on a “date” with your guy while getting wedding-related tasks done. Plus, you know he’ll love using that scan gun to zap products onto your registry!  


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