Sabot mule, $255, available at Zou Xou

Sabot mule, $255, available at Zou Xou

Once upon a time in a far away land called high school, I went through an ultra-femme phase that saw me obsessed with ruffles, florals and a giant pink bow that I loved to wear in my waist-length hair. Perhaps the most significant marker of this stage was my penchant for wearing six-inch heels all day, which was Not A Thing at my high school. At some point in college, I reacted against that former self by swinging violently in the other direction. I cut all my hair off, avoided “pretty colors,” lived in clunky work boots and purged all the flowy dresses and frilly skirts from my collection. 

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These days, my style is trying to find its way into a happy medium between my two former selves. I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses with sneakers lately, and I like to pair eye-catching earrings with my pulled-from-the-men’s-section jackets. In my quest for wardrobe balance, these handmade-in-Argentina mules from Zou Xou feel like they’d be a nice addition to my current wardrobe. The heel recalls my towering high school days, but the chunky silhouette and demure color feels a little more ugly-chic than pretty princess. I don’t think I’ve worn heels to work (other than for fashion week) a single time, but I’d be happy to change that for these beauties.

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Sabot mule, $255, available at Zou Xou

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