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Carl of Summer House Confesses Difficulty in Handling Lindsay’s Drinking

Summer House star Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s relationship is hitting a rough patch. During the latest episode on Monday, April 24, Carl shared his struggles with Lindsay’s behavior when she’s been drinking. “Since Lindsay’s been drinking, I’ve been struggling to navigate it,” he confessed to the cameras.

Carl, who has been sober since January 2021, revealed that “99 percent of the horrible things that have happened in my life happened at that moment.” This came after an argument with Lindsay about their mutual friend Danielle Olivera. Earlier in the episode, Lindsay seemingly made amends with Danielle, which didn’t sit well with Carl.

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The Summer House season 7 started filming in the summer of 2022, and fans have seen Lindsay and Danielle’s friendship fall apart. However, Danielle has expressed her support for Carl and Lindsay’s relationship, despite her past reservations. The tense situation has left fans wondering if this could be a breaking point for the couple.

Summer House Recap- Carl Confesses He s Struggling to Navigate Lindsay s Drinking Amid Danielle Drama 253
Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard. Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s relationship is facing more trouble on the latest episode of Summer House. Lindsay didn’t believe her boyfriend’s version of how well his conversation went with their mutual friend Danielle Olivera, claiming that Carl didn’t have her back. The Florida native, who had been drinking earlier, accused Carl of not caring about her since she hadn’t fixed her issues with Danielle.

The argument escalated quickly, with Lindsay accusing Carl of not supporting her, while Carl claimed that Lindsay was being rude and looking for a fight. Despite proposing to Lindsay in August 2022, Carl found himself in a position where he couldn’t do anything right in Lindsay’s eyes.

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The couple’s relationship has been under strain due to Lindsay’s alcohol consumption, which prompted Carl to quit drinking in January 2021. Lindsay briefly went sober to support Carl’s journey but started drinking again in the summer of 2022. However, Carl had previously praised Lindsay for being understanding and supportive of his sobriety journey, stating that communication and mutual understanding were key to their relationship.

The tension between the couple has left fans wondering if the relationship will survive the latest road bump. Lindsay’s accusations of Carl not having her back and the lack of support from him has left her feeling hurt, while Carl has been struggling to navigate Lindsay’s behavior when she drinks.

The argument between the two quickly escalated, with Lindsay insisting that her partner didn’t care about her, while Carl felt like he couldn’t do anything right in her eyes. Despite their challenges, the couple had recently become engaged, which has added an extra layer of pressure to the relationship.

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Fans of the show will be watching closely to see how the couple’s relationship develops over the rest of the season. With Lindsay’s drinking and Carl’s sobriety being key issues in their relationship, it remains to be seen if the couple can overcome their differences and make it work.

The drama between Lindsay and Carl has been a major storyline on this season of Summer House, with tensions between the couple rising over the past few episodes. While the couple has had their ups and downs, the latest argument has left fans wondering if their relationship has reached a breaking point.

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